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No amount of skill behind the wheel can prepare you for the dangers of a texting and driving motorist. Oftentimes, they will swerve unexpectedly out of their lane or blow right through a red light intersection. Some studies have shown that texting behind the wheel can prove to be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Perhaps this is true because texting engages the driving in three distinct forms of distraction:

  1. Manual: Hands are removed from the steering wheel.
  2. Cognitive: Thinking about something other than safely driving.
  3. Visual: Taking eyes off the road and mirrors.

If you have been hit by a driver that has distracted themselves with their cellphone, you are probably eligible to receive some form of compensation. You will not just be handed it, however. Instead, you will need to team up with a Toledo car accident lawyer from Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. and construct a personal injury claim.

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Fighting for Compensation You Deserve

Someone who texts behind the wheel is essentially surrendering control of their vehicle entirely. Their negligent act is likely to put everyone else on the road in serious danger. As they are more or less guiding their vehicle randomly, the effects of the car accidents they can cause cannot be predicted. The only sure thing is that someone is going to be unfairly hurt as a result.

You may need to fight for compensation for:

  • Expensive hospital stays
  • Vehicle replacement or repair
  • Medication regimens
  • Lost wages

When we take on a car accident claim, we always want to examine the details of what happened closely. If we can find that the behavior of the negligent driver is outright inexcusable – such as texting and driving – we will press for punitive damages, or monies paid to you to punish the responsible party. By doing so, we can hope to secure you the maximum compensation possible as well as greatly deter the texter from behaving that way again.

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No negligent driver, no matter how obvious their involvement in an accident might be, wants to accept liability for a car accident. For this reason, even seemingly simple cases can devolve into difficult legal battles. To prepare yourself for the road ahead, let our Toledo car accident attorneys stand by your side. We bring 100+ years of legal and trial experience to the table, as well as a compassionate approach to each case we take. We want our clients to feel welcome, respected, and comfortable, and we can achieve that by working closely with you and upholding your goals.

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